07. climate crisis incubator

Chroma’s Climate Crisis Incubator is a day of programming where womxn of color exchange ideas and personal stories, propose strategies, identify challenges, and share resources and information on the climate crisis.  

the first program held at culture hub, new york in november of 2019:

Opening Ceremony with Catherine Feliz

Storytelling as Climate Resistance with Zahira Chaudhry

Learning from Food (Justice) with mekdela maskal and guests

Covering Climate Change: a pitch writing workshop with Silica Magazine

In Pursuit of Environmental Justice in New York City with Sonal Jessel

Accessible Environmental Monitoring and Holistic Education with Sadie Coughlin

Bangladesh 2100 :: Multimedia Performance with Anika Ullah

Setting Your Space: Sound Relaxation & Strategies for Coping With Noise Pollution with Rena Anakwe

Featuring installation and performance work by Julliana Araújo, Joyce Keokham, and mukhtara yusuf

1.     Yalitza 

05. Protect people not borders

10 carhartt, awake x id magazine

12 Who Will Inherit the Earth?
13 Kimberly Drew


June Canedo is an interdisciplinary artist and curator based in new york & los angeles by way of brasil & south carolina. Her work considers the particularities of migration, femininity, collaboration, and time. she is a founding curator of Chroma.


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